Email Templates

Fully responsive email templates designed by me, or built to your own design. From Mailchimp to Mailgun, I have experience with many platforms.

Experience Jervis Bay

Experience Jervis Bay email template

This holiday rental company in Australia asked me to create a Mailchimp template for their email newsletter. I provided fully-responsive repeatable sections for one and two columns and a repeatable three column property feature. Read more…

Dorset Property

Dorset Property email template design

I was asked to come up with an email template to be used with Dorset Property’s review management system. By uploading a spreadsheet with their customers’ details, a personalised email unique to each local branch of Dorset Property is sent out. Read more…

Muse Advisory

Muse Advisory email template build

In addition to the quarterly e-newsletter we send on behalf of Muse Advisory, I was asked to send an email invitation to their 16th anniversary celebration. Muse supplied a design which I converted to a responsive HTML email. In addition, as part of the project, there was also a landing page for people to RSVP. […] Read more…